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Who are we?
We are a young, dynamic and flexible team, able to meet the most exigent requirements of our clients. We invite you to take a look at our projects developed by our team so far, because we believe that they best represent us.

We are a company founded in 2003 with Romanian capital, formed by young professionals who had the chance to know and work in the IT from the beginnings of the Internet in Romania, before it became an industry.

The most important thing is the passion that drives us in everything we do, because we strongly belief that where there is passion, the rest will come.

What do we do?
In one word: Internet

From server maintenance and professional hosting solutions to developing complex software applications that run on these platforms, we bring our contribution to developing this technology (Internet) that changed the world and which influences our lives every day.

Internet is more than just an abstract concept, it exists thanks to each computer connected to the net, to each application, be it a presentation website or a complex CMS.
The respect  and passion that we have for technologies that build the Internet made us explore, master them and give the due importance to each step that has to be completed to round up a project.
And since we appreciate a well done thing, our greatest satisfaction is that our clients our pleased with the final product.  

Projects and technologies
Developing successful software applications of any kind (intranet, portal, corporate website, e-commerce solution) requires a lot of experience, a team and a well organized plan.

Most of the times there is a prejudice that developing a software application means just a large volume of work. The truth is that a large volume of work which is not supported by the necessary experience, a team and a well organized plan can lead to the failure, rather than the success of the project. Certainly nor the client, nor the developing team wants that, especially since the application has the purpose of making the work of a company more efficient. 

That is why in the developing of a project there are a few key steps:
  • analysis
  • planning in advance
  • technical brief
  • developing
  • implementing
  • testing
  • hosting
  • maintenance
  • constant updating

softhost has all these advantages and it is capable of developing for you tailored applications, either to improve the work of your employees, either to obtain cost effectiveness, either to have an efficent presence on the Internet or to sell more products through an e-commerce solution.

We have never abandoned our standards for quality, that's why we are known as the people who do the job right, giving the right importance to each of the steps a project needs.
Any project, no matter the time it takes to be developed, it has to meet in an efficient way the needs and demands of our clients.
We use the next technologies to develop new applications:
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • smarty
  • ADOdb
  • Apache
  • RedHat
We have developed along the years at clients' request, applications based on:
  • Java
  • ASP
  • Microsoft
  • SQL Server
softhost has developed its own engine (framework) that combines the PHP, ADOdb, smarty, MySQL technologies.

softhost intranet engine
For more details about SHINE ( SoftHost Intranet Engine), the framework sofhost developed click here.
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