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EMEX (Email Expert) is a product that will help you create, send, measure and organize as efficient as possible online newsletter campaigns.
Ideal if you want to send promotional offers to your clients, financial notifications, holiday cards and promotions or if you want to keep your partners informed by sending press releases.  

    • optimizing the resources  (avoiding duplicate email addresses or those addresses that don't want to receive your newsletters)
    • detailed statistics (visual)
    • export/import information from the data base
    • import newsletter (in the case in which your newsletter has specific graphic design)
    • creating the newsletter easily
    • methods of transmitting the newsletters: email, fax, SMS
    • unsubscribe, bounce hard & soft
    • custom fields (name, email, unsubscribe link, view web version link)
Ideal for:
  • companies that have a prolific PR and/or Marketing activity
  • public websites that send newsletters regularly to its visitors/users
  • media agencies that create and send newsletters to their own clients
  • companies that often issue releases ( technical, financial) towards their suppliers or customers
Software requirements (server side):
  • PHP 5.2.x or higher
  • MySQL 4.1.x or higher
  • Ioncube optimizer
License and costs
EMEX license for one user costs 300 Eur and it includes:
  • lifetime license
  • free installation (one time)
  • lifetime upgrades

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