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SHINE is the framework that is at the base of all software solutions developed by softhost. We strongly believe that the web-based applications are the winning combination in the multitude of multi-user, multi-point, real time applications. All these at a fair price.

The modular structure, the flexibility, the powerful technologies SHINE is based on,  allow us to offer our clients robust and life enduring products at the best price.

This is partly due to the way SHINE separates the layout and the graphic elements (business presentation) of the application from its business logic.

The basic functions of the engine are increasing in number and complexity with each implementation. At the same time new functionalities are added all the time, new implementations receive periodically free updates.

Now, 4 years since the first code line of SHINE has been written, we have already developed version 2 and we are developing new functionalities and new improvements, approaching version 3.

Where can you use SHINE?
Bare in mind that SHINE has two well established directions: implementation of Intranet (ERP/CRM) applications and implementation of online applications (online shops, portals).

Thematic portals, online shops or catalogs, magazines, corporate websites and product presentation websites are just a few of the most frequent requests.

SHINE has experience with all these types of applications.
The administration solution that is behind each of these projects is perhaps the one that makes the difference against the competition. The solid and intuitive interface emphasizes elements that most of the times are neglected:
  • multi language support
  • drag and drop items
  • visual and email alerts
  • predefined and editable reports
  • export in format .CSV, .PDF, .HTML.

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